Friday, November 16, 2007

Pass the Cheer

Starbucks is continuing its Pass the Cheer Holiday Campaign this year. This "Pay It Forward" approach to the holidays features stories of kindness that includes everything from poeple giving up first class seats on a plane to paying the toll of the person behind you.

I read one this morning that said,

"At a Starbucks drive-thru in Riverside, California, a customer spontaneously decided to pay for the drink of the person behind him. That delighted person was then inspired to pay for the drink of the person behind her, who then did likewise. What then transpired was an amazing chain reaction of cheer passing that lasted for seven cars."

Isn't it amazing that generosity comes spotaneously to those who have been surprised by acts of Kindness. It works like this. You are surprised with a gift, your gratitude urges you to share it with others and your generosity spreads. It is infectious. Well, yes, but what of the seventh guy? Maybe he just got a free cup of coffee and then said, "Finally, I got what was coming to me. It's about time."

Christianity is based on Grace. That is, we beleive that God has given us a gift that we do not deserve. it is out of this gift that we are filled with gratitude, and subsequently, act in generosity toward God and the world. Its Grace, Gratitude and Generosity.

To hear more about the wonderful cycle of Grace, Gratitude, and Generosity, check out the mini sermon series that we are doing at Ascension


Amazing Guilt or Amazing Grace: Grace, Gratitutde, and Generosity

2 Corinthians 8:1-15

(The first of a three part series on Stewardship. Though guilt is a great motivator for giving, it is ani-thetical to the Gospel which motivates us through the power of Amazing Grace.)

Monday, November 05, 2007

Do Not Under Estimate this Man

Doug Coupland has always been someone that I have watched, kept and eye on, and in some ways, followed. Author, artist, futurist, Coupland definitely has a gift for keeping his thumb on the pulse of our culture. If you are interested in seeing what our culture is going to be doing in tens years, find out what Coupland is doing NOW. As Christians, we need to be reading, studying, and listening to men like Douglas Coupland.


I am jumping out of my skin with anticipation because next Monday I will be joining Chris Long and Tony Aaker from The Church of the Cross in Bluffton (BoB for life!) to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC. Not only will I be in my own stomping grounds, or seeing the hardest working man in Rock and Roll, I will also be with two men that I would stand in front of a train for.

Friday, November 02, 2007


One of the things that I love in life is working collaboratively with other people to create things that show how amazing God is and how amazing the work of His creation is in the ways in which we create.

Recently, I had a chance to talk with Suzanne. She is an artist whose work can be seen in and around the Church of the Ascension. Suzanne has gaven me permission to photograph some of her work.

Below are photo's from two sources. The first group are taken from a hand-sized sketchbook that Suzanne uses to creates art in her daily life and worship. The other pieces are taken from a prayer journal located in the back of the Church of the Ascension.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bluffton- We Miss You!

Elizabeth Overby, from The Church of the Cross, sent me this picture of her and Gaynell Albright at last night's All Saints Festival. How was the party?