Thursday, December 20, 2007

We Miss...

Sara Groves says it so well:

Painting Pictures of Egypt

I don’t want to leave here I don’t want to stay It feels like pinching to me either way The places I long for the most Are the places where I’ve been They are calling after me like a long lost friend

It’s not about losing faith It’s not about trust It’s all about comfortable When you move so much The place I was wasn’t perfect But I had found a way to live It wasn’t milk or honey But then neither is this

CHORUS: I’ve been painting pictures of Egypt Leaving out what it lacked The future seems so hard And I want to go back But the places that used to fit me Cannot hold the things I"ve learned And those roads closed off to me While my back was turned The past is so tangible I know it by heart Familiar things are never easy to discard I was dying for some freedom But now I hesitate to go Caught between the promise And the things I know

BRIDGE: If it comes too quick I may not recognize it Is that the reason behind all this time and sand? If it comes too quick I may not appreciate it Is that the reason behind all this time and sand?

Make it a Trace Bundy Christmas

I am diggin Trace Bundy Today. He is a very telented classical hipster guitarist and his new Christmas album is Trace Bundy- A Few Songs For Christmas. O Holy Night, O Come O Come Emmanual...

Carol of the Bells

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good Night, States, "I Like You!" A Lot

When it rains it pours. New music is flowing in the Burgh and I have been really looking forward to the new Good Night, States album, short films on self-control. It came out last week and it is absolutely beautiful. Steve has this vocal ability that seems to be able to reach down inside and stir the soul. Their lead song, The Family Darker (it's FREE on the Good Night, States Website) will get stuck in your head so watch out. I kept waking up singing it to myself... until I heard Not Come Aroun (the demo) an amazing song that is now stuck in my head. Good Night, States are unashamedly influenced by Wilco and the Beatles so if you like balanced complexity and a really eclectic mix of sounds blended together while still not being even remotely over-produced, you will delight in this sound. Order it NOW and check out the vinyl option. Good Night States, "I Like You, Alot!"

Meet Josh Garrels

The world is blowing up with young talent. Please check out Josh Garrels. He is haunting and there is real depth in what he has got going on (sampling, an amazing groove, great lyrical content, and some real good Holy Spirit MoJo).

Travel the Land (This is Amazing)


Monday, December 10, 2007


Wow, have I been missing out. I just signed up for a facebook acount. It is great. Four years ago at Harvard, a social networking application started. It was like a grownups version of MySpace. (It sought to connect real people with their friends. Today it has saturated universities across the globe and is making its way steadily upward through people aged 25-55 with 21 million users across the globe. Ravi Zacharius is on Facebook. My father-in-law, Bishop Martyn Minns is on Facebook. Peter Moore, former Dean President of the Seminary I attended (TESM) is on facebook (Peter was born before 1945).

So, what is facebook. Well, it uses our email address to connect us with people we know. We invite them to be our "friends" and a social network is developed, or realized (the network already exists, Facebook just makes it work better). I STRONGLY reccomend Facebook to all my friends. Go, sign up. It is free and it is a great way to stay connected to friends. I predict that in the next few years facebook will become as dominant as everyday email.