Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mavasio-Like Tom Waits and Smooth Jazz

Alright, I have been listening to a lot of Malvasio lately. He has a great vocal quality and interprets songs in an incredibly creative way. From Bert B to Amy Winehouse.

Check out his version of Mad World by Tears for fears

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Jay Slocum

I live in a bent world.
I live in a land were everything is crooked.

But, it is not that simple.
For, I can tell that this world was not always bent.
It is as if the trees are crying out.
They are screaming to be unbent.
Every rotting stump.
Every fallen branch.

And yet my people keep telling me that this world is not bent.
They say that the world was meant to be this way.

Well, I know this is not true.
I will tell you that I have seen the clouds ripped open.
I have seen the clouds fall away and I have seen the sun shine through to cast light on all things.
And in seeing this, I have turned from the shadows of the cave that I once lived in.

I have seen little babies wrap their tiny fingers around their daddies hands, and without speaking, but, with deep longing in little eyes they say,
“Daddy, I was not made for this bent world. I was made to be loved by you.”

I have seen weddings where eyes have met, with a hope so strong, so new, so brilliant that no one could imagine that this bond could be broken.

I have seen people, both young and old, pulled down into the waters, blessed waters, and brought back up, cleansed and as new as the light of morning.

I have seen old broken drunks, come wrestling with the fumes that are seeping from their bones.
I have seen them turn to the light.
I have seen them embrace the real world.
The world that refuses to believe in the bent as normal.

These instances I hold so deeply in my hands, in my heart, in my head.
I cannot escape them. They are just as powerful as all of the tragedies:
the Columbines, the Jeffrey Domers, the natural born killers, the crack addict next door.
But, the news papers cannot see these events, these amazing events. Events of healing, miraculous appearences. It is not turning water to wine. But, it is just as miraculous. Maybe more so, that God could act in the ordinary things; in addictions, in cleansings, in hand holding.

I believe that this world is bent, but we were not made for a bent world. Oh, how i wish that you could see what I see.

Miriam lulls me

A man holds his boys hand, and does not let go…