Thursday, June 25, 2009

ASA Anglican Spirituality in America

My father-in;law is an Anglican Bishop (Martyn Minns). It's funny because there will be times when I say to Catherine (his daughter), "Oh, I will just call Martyn about..." and she will say, "Oh, he is in Nigeria. You can't get in touch with him. He will be back..." Nigeria is like Ohio in the new Millenium and as the Episcopal Church goes the way of the Unitarians who fled from Christianity two centuries ago, I think we will begin to see more and more from our brother and sisters in Africa and Asia.  This week, I put a video Mash-up together using a new artist that I heard on 91.3 WYEP. Her name is ASA and her music is beautiful spiritual and provocative. Here are two songs that are getting a lot of coverage. Oh and I posted my new video mash-up as well. I dedicate it to three warriors of Anglicanism in our generation- Archbishop Peter Akinola, Archbishop Robert Duncan, and Bishop Martyn Minns.