Saturday, September 05, 2009

Exploring Belief and Unbelief

For the past month I have been exploring a set of arguments against religion in general and Christianity in particular by "The New Atheists." The phrase doesn't describe their argument as much as their style, approach, and stance toward religion. Put quite simply, the new atheists hate religion, have charisma, and know how to market the legitimacy of their claims through "lifestyle politics." Bill Maher for instance, a savy, bright, and funny guy, calls religion a brain disease. Because the volume of material in question is greater than I could include in a post, I have started an informational blog called, Balam's Ass. My hope is to post resources that help folks interested in the claims and counter-claims of belief in God to be able to have a clear and well-ordered portal in which to gain more knowledge about these new kids on the intellectual block.