Monday, December 21, 2009

Colonizing the Cosmos: Join the Colony!

Ever wake up with a song in your head? I woke up a few weeks ago singing Colonizing the Cosmos "Join the Band." The lines from this very "sticky" song say:

A mother gives away her child into a trashcan
And a ruler pulls the switch upon his foe
Raise a finger cause he didn’t let you in man
We all laugh raise a glass and we toast
What is the difference between big and little evil?
Where lies the difference in it all?
Our hands are taken orders from our evil organs
We need a heart transplant y’all

Come on come on and clap your hands, clap your hands man
Come on come on and join the band
Come on come lift your hearts up out of the sand man
Come on come and clap your hands

After listening to the pre-release for the past month, there are songs on this album that will be a permanent part of my playlist.

Here's why/ Colonizing the Cosmos makes music that will make your heart soar, ache, and yearn with lyrics that will make you want to dance, cry, and fall in love. Cynics will read this and say, "yeah right" but after a few listens, if there is still a bit of soul left in them, they will be melted and will dance, sing and join the colony. For the innocent who have not yet been jaded by the hardness of life on earth, this music will cause you to take it all in, rise up, and then absorb the truth, beauty, intimacy, justice, and life-giving power of Colonizing the Cosmos freshmen effort. Hurray for CTC. Join the Band!

Go hear a A FREE Download of Give Yourself Away.

Josh Moyer, Michael Savisky, and Josh Gates are Colonizing the Cosmos.

Visit them:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing Krista Vossler

Krista Vossler was six years old when I graduated from high school. Her dad was the principal of the private school that we attended and influenced my life in ways that are not measurable by human standards. Through the many times I visited "Mr. Vossler's" office during high school, it became very clear to me that his persistence in loving me was based on a hope- that in directing me toward a vision of godly manhood, I might become a better human being.

25 years later, Greg's daughter, Krista, is making music in the Austin, TX indie scene. Like her father, she has hopes of changing people's lives through the work that she offers to the world. Her hope is being realized, I think. If you want deep, honest, beautiful music, give Krista Vossler's piano driver indie-folk a try. You will be humming "Can't Help but Notice" all day long.

A Darkar Moon- Baaba Maal

Senegalese singer, guitarist and percussionist, Baaba Maal was featured on the World Cafe Yesterday. When he sang Dakar Sky, I stopped everything and just took this song in. Below is a live version of the song done in NYC as well as the world cafe session in its entirety.

Monday, December 07, 2009

George MacDonald

George Mac Donald was a Scottish writer from the Nineteenth Century. Though forgotten by three generations, his writing and his theology are profound. I first discovered George Mac Donald through C.S Lewis who referenced him as "my master." Phantastes, which is arguably the basis for both Lewsi' Chronicles of Narnia and perhaps Tolkein's Lord of the Rings, was the first Mac Donald book that I read over two decades ago. If you are new to George Mac Donald, I would recommend that you read Phatastes, then Lilith, then Sir Gibbie. I have just completed a little known Mac Donald Trilogy based on the life of the fictional Anglican Priest, Thomas Wingfold who makes his way to Christianity after confessing to his congregation that he is an agnostic. If you have ever struggled with unbelief, this series will speak to your heart and mind. Additionally, if you come from an Anglican background denominationally, this series will feed your Episcopal sensibilities in a big way:

Thomas Wingfold, Curate (1876) (republished as The Curate's Awakening)

Paul Faber, Surgeon (1879) (republished asThe Lady's Confession)

There and Back (1891 (republished as The Baron's Apprenticeship)

Nataly Dawn- Great Covers

Cover songs are an acquired taste. I love covers songs mostly because I am not sentimental about my music. I like to see songs change with time, take on new faces (or voices) and surprise me with new ways of saying what was once said by another. Nataly Dawn, an Indie artist (the other half of Pomplamoose) that has made some amazing youtube video songs, does some of the best covers I have heard recently. Go to Natalie's MySpace Page for Free downloads of her covers and while your there, check out her original stuff as well. She has an amazing voice and is a refreshing artist among the swarm of artists that are self-producing these days.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Wee House

So what do you think of a pre-fab house that is designed by really imaginative architects in the same vein as those who produce mobile homes? Is it possible for a modular home, known as an icon for low culture, to enter into the world of high culture? Introducing the Wee House. I have fallen in love with these homes and think that they could be a really cool alternative for Christians who want to live out there lives employing the Spiritual discipline of simplicity. I just wonder, could they make them in Xtra Tall? Go See the Wee House

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Jennifer Knapp is Back!

Jennifer Knapp is a legendary figure in the eyes of her fans. She has an ability to deliver honest, gritty, and beautiful lyrics that combine with a musical excellence that is unparalleled. She took a break from music for a few years but has recently emerged and is playing shows around the states.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Carter Hulsey

I am listening to Carter Hulsey on his myspace page (Oh My Sweet Carolina is Sweet). He looks like a scene kid but he sounds like a rambler. Check out before we go down:

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Good Night States- Only Thing

Good Night States is an amazing band. Substantive lyrics from Steve Gretz and incredible hooks and caverns from the band that make each listen an new experience. I just love this band. They are from Pittsburgh and should be heard by the world. If you have not checked out GNS, try this really well Vid by Dave Mattson: