Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Wonder People Hate God- Legion & Gabriel

Because popular culture has a profound ability to shape our beliefs, I am often obligated to watch movies that have overt spiritual messages dealing with themes of God and Angels.

In 1998, I watched City of Angels. It had some redemptive qualities as a love story. As theology, it tended to reinforce the "Uncle Larry is and Angel" belief. What's that? It is the popular belief that our beloved relatives are changed into angels after they die. In the case of City of Angels, the Uncle Larry is an angel belief was reversed. An angel is bad and falls. Hence, he becomes one of us and falls in love with Meg Ryan. Bad theology. Why? Because angels cannot undergo ontological changes of their nature anymore than an orange can change into a poodle. If a supernatural being like an angel falls, he becomes a fallen angel not a lovesick man. We call these creatures demons. If your uncle Larry dies, he does not turn into an angel. He stays a human soul and either turns into fertilizer or enters into union with God or rebellion against God. We call these categories nihilism (nothingness), heaven, or hell.

Ok. Jump a decade. In 2007, a film called Gabriel comes out and it is about a whole bunch of angels that fall- one stays true. Like City of Angels, the angels in this story fall and lose their "angel powers." However, writers must be sensing that we are bored with the story. Not only do fallen angels become men and men angels, but God is now a Dark and Distant Lord of Torment that has turned his back on men and angels and is apparently busy doing other things. So, we are left to duke it out in the blackness of human and angelic depravity. No wonder some people hate God.

Recently, the movie Legion came out. The whole thing was bizarre, creepy, and completely painted God as an absent father that sends Angels (presumably good angels) to possess weak people like old ladies, ice cream men, and little kids and then kill everyone in a creepy zombie like mode because God has lost faith in humanity. Huh? At least they don't turn into men. No, they just possess us so that they can use our bodies as moving targets? Oh, but wait. There is one angel that has not "given up on God or mankind." Rather than obeying his errant Father (God), he cuts off his wings and saves them- he is going to give God what he needs not what he wants. Again, huh? Now, I would normally not even comment on a stupid movie like this. But, I am seeing a trend of implausible idiocy coming out of Hollywood that makes me ask, "How are these films making any money?" As stories, they are shallow, creepy, overly violent, and make no sense on too many levels to even take seriously. Come on. If you are an all powerful being with angels that have the ability to fly and completely devastate anyone in their path, why would you send them down to earth to possess people who can be shot like road sign on the side of the highway? It's just so stupid.

Ok. I feel better now. Don't bother seeing Legion or Gabriel. Neither of these movies will do anything to make you a better human being- or an angel.